Commercial & Residential Roofing Certification

216 Hours / 1.5 Years

Accredited 1.5-year “hands-on” commercial and residential roofing certification with 216 hours of classroom and shop instruction.

The passion behind DSRS is to properly teach individuals the correct way to install roofing materials, as well as training in all aspects of water proofing. The goal at DSRS is to provide the student the best possible education at the lowest cost out of pocket expense. Our classes are broken down into 6 half-terms. Each term consists of 27 classroom hours which are then broken down into 13 classes > 2 days per week > 2 hours per class with the final class being 3 hours long for testing.


Each term includes 27 hours of instruction over the course of 13 classes.

Occupational Intro/Safety/Tools & Equipment

Roof & Roofing Material/Insulations

Built-Up Roofing

Applications of Built-Up Roofing


Damp Proofing & Water Proofing

Composite Roofing – Slate & Tile

Composite Roofing – Shingles



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