What is the attendance policy?

Diamond State is 1.5 year program that requires the student to complete 216 hours of class time, as well as 3000 hours of on the job training. Attendance is a very important factor in career and trade education.

To maximize training opportunities, students are expected to be in attendance for every scheduled class. Violation of this policy may result in withdrawal.

Students will be allowed one “un-exempt” absence per half term (which will be made up at a later date). It is the student’s responsibility to call and/or inform the instructor each time he/she will be absent.

Absences are defined as missing more than 30 minutes of class time. Missing less than 30 minutes of class by either arriving late or leaving early results in a “tardy” or an early “out”.

Each incident of either will count as one tardy or one out.

Three tardies and/or outs equal one absence.

Because attendance is so critical during the duration of the coursework, only emergencies will be “exempt”.

After one “un-exempt” absence the student will be required to repeat the half term semester.

Pre-approved school activities, leave of absence, inclement weather, jury duty, subpoenas for court appearance and military duty are the only absences that will be considered “exempt.”

All students are expected to make up missed assignments due to an absence or tardy.

Students attending Diamond State Roofing School under various financial aid programs must follow guidelines relating to these programs. It is the responsibility of the student to obtain and abide by these guidelines.