Continuing Education

for our trade professionals

For our local trade professionals, we also offer I.D.S. continuing education training that specifically targets your company needs.


I - Introduction to Roof System Components - 2 Hours

  • I-1 Introduction to Hot Air Welding

  • I-2 Hot Air Welding Proficiency Test

  • I-3 TPO Sheet Installation: Mechanically Fastened

  • 1-4 TPO Sheet Installation: Fully Adhered

D - “Hands-On” Detail Flashing Training - 3 Hours

  • D-1 TPO Outside Corners: Universal & Field Wrap

  • D-2 TPO Inside Corners: Universal & Field Wrap

  • D-3 RTU: Curb Base Installation Details

  • D-4 TPO Pipe Penetrations: Universal

  • D-5 TPO Pipe Penetrations: Field Wrap, Straight, & Tapered

  • D-6 TPO Membrane Parapet Wall Installation

  • D-7 Parapet Wall Coping Cap Install

  • D-8 Parapet Wall Perimeter Drip Edge Metal Installation

  • D-9 TPO Roof Drain: Compression Ring Detail

  • D-10 TPO Roof Drain: Retrofit Detail

  • D-11 TPO Pitch Pan Installation

  • D-12 TPO Pitch Pan Pocket Installation

  • D-13 Poly-iso Rigid Insulation Board FM Rating Installation

  • D-14 Poly-iso Rigid Tapered Insulation Board Installation

  • D-15 Poly-iso Tapered Crickets, Sumps, & Diamond Installation

  • D-16 TPO Overnight Compression Dry-in Techniques

  • D-17 Skylight Installation

  • D-18 TPO Roof Scuppers

S - System Application and Compliance - 4 Hours

  • S-1 TPO Project OSHA Safety Setup, Surface Prep, & Layout

  • S-2 TPO Perimeter, Corners, Field, Details, & FM Fingers

  • S-3 TPO Hot Welding, Probing, & Cut Edge Sealant Application

  • S-4 Metal Product Installation



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